Government study into killer anchor chains


As nature abhors a vacuum so government officials abhor unfettered human activity. They like nothing better than to hand out licences, log them on computers, and then count them. There’s a new ‘unlicensed activity’ they are working on which is coming to a coastline near you: anchoring.

DEFRA have commissioned a report from the Institute of Estuarine & Coastal Studies, based at Hull University – which local man, John Prescott didn’t attend – to ‘consider the threats to marine biodiversity’.

One of these threats is the ‘impact on habitats and species as a result of mechanical disturbance from anchor chains.’ Already they have examined the seabeds of North Wales, Cornwall’s Helford River, Plymouth Hoe and Salcombe. They are worried that anchor and mooring chain is rubbing on seaweed.

How can this seaweed be protected? Well one consideration under review is a code of conduct enforced by a local bye law.