We’re running a Christmas quiz and would like to invite you to win some great prizes, whilst learning more about the Berthon business at the same time.
If you can answer the simple questions below, using the Berthon website to help you, then you’ll be in with a chance of winning some early stocking fillers!


Q When was Berthon Boat Co Ltd founded?


Q How many berths does the Berthon Lymington Marina now have?


Q How many paint spray jobs (approx.) has Berthon completed since it opened its 8000m2 facility in 1999?


Q Other than the collapsible lifeboat, what else did the Reverend E.L. Berthon invent?


Go online for more about the stocking filler prizes and to enter the quiz at www.berthon.co.uk/christmasquiz2015

All answers found on the Berthon website


Berthon January

Berthon January