As you navigate up Lymington River after an end-of-season weekend on the Solent, the Berthon team are ready to take your keys the moment you step ashore and hand them back in spring (You don’t have to be a bertholder to take advantage of this service).


Should I winterise my engine & genset?

Yes, and we recommend a full service before winterisation so any problems are found in good time for repair. The minimum is to check fluid levels and run up main engine, put inhibitor in raw water system, open water pump and remove impeller, spray engine with inhibitor, seal air intake and exhaust.


Is it worth draining the plumbing?

Definitely, to avoid frozen pipes and stagnant smells. Pump out and drain the fresh water system; drain toilets and water system; switch off/isolate immersion heater; disconnect freshwater pipes in bilge from pumps and calorifier; remove discharge pump impellers; and pickle the watermaker to manufacturer’s specification. It takes us a few hours, saving you a weekend in the bilge.


What about the sails and rigging?

We advise getting them cleaned and serviced by a sailmaker before storage to avoid fungal growth. Replace running rigging with mouse lines to prevent the ‘greening’ of halyards. Wash sheets & halyards free of salt and fungal growth.


Call our in-house paint expert, Heather Morton, for advice and an estimate on +44 (0)1590 647445



It’s important to seal the engine’s air intake and exhaust.


Replace halyards with ‘mice’ for the winter