Andy Pag

Andy Pag

Andy Pagg is a former investigative journalist. He and his partner have lived aboard their 1998 Lagoon for a year and are slowly heading from Greece to the Caribbean.

The feeling of autonomy that a watermaker gives a yacht is unique. It transforms that weekend-only cruiser into a go-anywhere, life-on-the-hook, adventure craft, breaking the tether to marinas. Filling your…

A man at the helm of the yacht

Julie and Andy Pag wanted crew to share the watches sailing their Lagoon 410 Cushla Na Mara from the Med to the Caribbean. But how do they find the right

Crossing the Atlantic from Cape Verde to Barbados took us just 13 days in our 1998 Lagoon 410, Cushla Na Mara. In preparation for this trip, I spent time experimenting…