Exclusive video from the Yachting Monthly sail trials. Read the full review in the September 2007 issue of YM.

Exciting new club racer from the board of David Thomas, tested in the October 2008 issue of Yachting Monthly.

The most exciting new boat for years, with looks you'll either love or hate. See how she sails here.

The beautiful Morris 36 previewed by Yachting Monthly and reviewed in the December 08 issue.

Exclusive video of the RM1050 being tested by the YM team. Read the review in the August 2007 issue of Yachting Monthly.


Yachting Monthly's video preview of the new lifting keel Southerly 32.

Northshore's new lifting keel Southerly 38. For the Full report see the March 2009 issue of Yachting Monthly

Tom Cunliffe uses a wireless remote for a bow thruster to bring a yacht alongside singlehanded. For the full article on Bow Thrusters, see the March 2009 issue of Yachting

Tom Cunliffe uses a bow thruster and a simple technique to get a yacht alongside, while the bow is being blown away from the pontoon. For the full article on…

Tom Cunliffe demonstrates how to find out which way your prop kicks. To read the full article, buy the February 2009 issue of Yachting Monthly.