Optical illusion or does the camera never lie?

The Telltale Friday film this week, comes from Costa Rica, via Canada. It is the fourth in a series of ‘Vaca Brava films’ charting the adventures of two Ottawa adventurers ‘Fidel’ and ‘Pazcual Karim’, who have travelled from their home city to Costa Rica on road and rail, shirking aircraft. After a series of salty mishaps they join the crew of a tour boat where they meet ‘Yoann “Juan” Dupuis’. In this particular ‘Con Mucho Productions’ episode, 30 Degrees of Fun, the three amigos demonstrate their formidable athletic strength by performing exercises – sit ups, one-hand press-ups – for the camera. Their gravity feats seem barely believable!

Episode IV: 30 Degrees of Fun from Pazcual Karim on Vimeo.