Teamsurv has already boosted the accuracy of charts in the Solent and other sailing hotspots. Now, it’s focusing on Weymouth, west Scotland and Milford Haven

TeamSurv, the do-it-yourself hydrographic survey project for

leisure sailors, is appealing to boat owners based in Weymouth, Milford Haven

and on the west coast of Scotland, to help create more accurate charts of their

home waters.

The TeamSurv project supplies yachts and other vessels with

‘data loggers’, which capture depth readings and GPS positions from their

echosounders and chartplotters, and uploads them to a database. TeamSurv then

collates the information from hundreds of vessels sailing in the same area,

combines it with official survey data and publishes charts online, free of

charge, with new depth soundings in shallow coastal waters that are often ignored

by commercial surveys.

Most of Scotland’s waters need re-surveying, according to

the UK Hydrographic Office. Whilst some parts have been surveyed to modern

standards, Teamsurv aims to tackle the great swathes of inshore waters that

have not been surveyed since the advent of GPS. In some areas, skippers

currently have to rely on leadline surveys carried out in the 19th


In Weymouth, the harbour authority carries out annual

professional surveys in the river but the approaches to the port are seldom

surveyed, even though they are extensively used by many craft. Continuous

surveying of the river via TeamSurv will allow early detection of changes in

depth, whether silting around the moorings, or scouring from the Condor Ferry’s

propellers. As well as helping to ensure safe navigation, the data is expected

to flag up underwater erosion of the port’s sea walls.

In Milford Haven, Teamsurv aims to augment the port

authority’s regular, professional surveys of the waterway’s buoyed deep-water

channels by focusing on the shallower areas used by small craft, which include

1,200 local leisure boats and 600 fishing vessels.

Tim Thornton, founder of TeamSurv, said: ‘Weymouth is

typical of the many smaller harbours around the country, with most users being

yachtsmen and fishermen, and some commercial traffic. This makes it ideal in

demonstrating the usefulness of TeamSurv.’

He added: ‘The size and variety of Milford Haven, from oil

and gas tankers near the entrance through to the extensive nature reserves and

waters for the leisure user, gives us a great opportunity to show the value of

the TeamSurv concept for ports and harbours.’

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